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  • The unit has Never been Installed, new bought in 4th quarter of 2016 and project was cancelled. Machine is set up for Stainless Steel/Titanium Metal Printing.
  • High-End system for the fast and efficient production of complex metal parts by means of additive manufacturing. The EOS M 100 offers reproducible component quality, simple and fast handling and high cost efficiency.
  • The EOS M 100 is a system for Direct Metal Laser-Sintering (DMLS). It builds metal parts directly on the basis of three-dimensional CAD Data, full automatically, w/o any tools. The parts are build up layer by layer by melting fine metal powder using a laser beam, thereby allowing even extremely complex geometries to be created. The ability to produce such parts very quickly enables flexible and economic manufacture of individual parts or batches as well as a shorter time to market. Unit cost was $381,000.00
  • This unit includes 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty, with Basic Setup and Training and Installation unit purchased new for $381,000.00.
  • Parameters: 316L Parameter Edition (20um) & Offline
  • Software Included EOS P Tools 6.2 Network Floating License (32 & 64 bit) EOSTATE Laser, Machine Licenses Magics SG+, Magaics RP Base Single License EOSPRINT Desktop Software And Network Floating Seat.
  • Ti64 Parameter Editor
  • Powder/Consumables
  • Building Platform DirectBase S15
  • EOS Stainsteel 316L
  • Accessories Include Wet Separator Ruwac Industries (Liquid-Filled Vacuum Cleaner w/ accessories NA35 D1B1 Type III) EOSTATE Laser, M 100 Hardware Replacement Filter F9 Replacement Filter H13.
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