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  • 24.78” Maximum Swing
  • 191” Maximum Distance Workhead Face To Tailstock Face
  • 198” Maximum Table Travel, Z-Axis
  • 178” Maximum Grinding Distance For Main Wheel
  • 28.38” X-Axis Infeed Travel For Both Head Stocks
  • 107” Maximum Travel For Z-Axis, Second Spindle
  • (2) Marathon 60 Hp (Drives Limited To 40 Hp) Grinding Wheel Spindle Motors
  • 30” Diameter X 4” W X 12” Hole Wheels
  • 6” Tailstock Quill Diameter
  • Air Assist For Movement Tailstock Body
  • Hydraulic Pressure For Quill Tailstock Body
  • Adjustment For Taper Tailstock Body
  • Live Center Mfg Riden M3817 Tailstock Quill Taper
  • Complete With:
  • 460/3/60 Electrics
  • Fanuc Oitd Latest Control With Graphics For Both Spindles
  • Communication Ports, Usb/ Rs232/Pcmi
  • Mpg (Manual Pulse Generator)
  • Digital Load Meters For Both Grinding Spindles
  • Sbs Balancing System In Process For Both Grinding Wheel Heads
  • Fanuc Servo Motors For Each Axis
  • Ballscrews Each Axis
  • Fagor Scales For Each Axis With Positive Air Pressure
  • Yaskawa Work Head Servo Motor
  • New Electrical Cabinet All New Components And Wiring To All Machine Motors And Accessories
  • New Spindle Motors For Each Grinding Head
  • Coolant Tank With Paper Filtration System
  • Balancing Stand With Arbor
  • (4) Four Wheel Hubs
  • (2) Pillow Blocks
  • Several Workhead Drive Units
  • Lifting Bracket For Removal Of Grinding Wheel
  • Attachment For Rough Grinding Of Wheels
  • Attachment For Special Dressing Applications
  • Hydraulic Unit For Each Head
  • Way Lubrication System
  • Air Assist For Tailstock Body Travel
  • Tailstock With Taper Adjustment, Power Quill Feed, Tailstock Operator Station With Forward/Reverse And E-Stop For Quill
  • Automatic Diamond Dresser Probe (Compensate For Wear In Diamond)
  • Automatic Wheel Probe (To Read And Compensate For Width, Diameter, Taper Of Wheel )
  • Automatic Dresser For Straight Wheel
  • Automatic Taper Wheel Grinding Wheel
  • Apprx. Cutting Time 2,980 Hours
  • Workhead Station Operators Control, Forward, Reverse, E-Stop
  • Approx. Cutting Time 2,980 Hours, Which Includes Commissioning Of The Machine, Test Parts And 18 Months Production Prior To Closing Plant.
  • The Books, Manuals, And Documentation Is Complete For This Machine.
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